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David Slader presents "Human Being"

David Slader with guests, B. Pat, Jerome Sloan & David Drenth
July 6 - July 28
Opening July 6, 6-9pm

Gallery 114 is distinctive in allowing each member artist total artistic control over her exhibit. For July, gallery member David Slader has invited three guest artists: three men, two of whom are “lifers,” who created their art in an Oregon penitentiary cell. Work of these prison artists and David’s recent paintings of women join together in a refrain demanding basic dignity for all human beings. Jerome Sloan, David Drenth, and B. Pat, somehow make art with crude materials, including cereal box cardboard, brown paper used to wrap prison laundry, and ground-up M&M’s. Some work is brutal, some tender and poetic; all of it is a complete surprise. David Slader describes stumbling upon oregonprisonart.org and being stunned to discover art of compelling expressive power. "To most of us," he says, "our incarcerated population--which at 14,000 is bigger than many Oregon towns--is invisible." He goes on to point out that anyone who can create art like this "has a soul that cannot be ignored."

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